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How did Ah Kim Achar all started?

Why is my name “Ah Kim” 阿琴 on these Bottles of achar ?

That has been the persistent question from my mother, who comes around to help out, whenever we makes a new batch of achar.

To some, achar is just an appetizer, or condiment that is paired with rice, noodles, or meat dishes. But to Ah Kim, her Achar means a great deal to her….

Hi, I am Ah Kim’s daughter and Ah Kim is my mum. Today, I want to share with you a personal family story that explains: -

Why Achar? Why not anything else perhaps more ….. widely loved ?

You see, my mum LOVES making homemade Achar during her free time.

And because she was so used to keeping herself busy when she’s working, making homemade Achar is one of the way she keeps herself occupied now, after her retirement.  

Whenever she makes Achar (frequently with generous amounts), she would give it to me. Our dinner table seldom misses her specialty Achar.

I am not bragging, my hubby and I simply love it !

She loves making it so much that every Chinese New Year, she never fails to prepare her homemade Achar to share it with her friends and family.

Her Achar always receives compliments that it is the freshest riches in flavour Achar anyone has ever tasted. 

Then something happened just last year (2020) that spurred me to start this business; not for myself – but for my mum.

It was in 2020, she stopped working due to the Covid 19 pandemic. 

 And during Chinese New Year, she did her usual Achar preparations – ready to give out to her friends and family.

I’m really proud of my mum and how widely loved her Achar was. So I thought, “Why not share it with my friends too?”  This time, I did.

I asked her “Ma, can you prepare more bottles, I wanna share it with my friends.” She was like “Ho leh Ho leh !"  好啊,好啊 !😂 I almost cried !

After she prepared it, I went around giving my friends my mum’s homemade Achar...  and to my surprise, one of my friends loved my mum’s homemade Achar so much that…
She asked me if she could learn how to make it from my mum ! 😱


I loved my mum’s Achar but I really did not expect that others also find the taste to be that amazing, that they’d want to learn how to replicate it !

That was surprise number #1.

Then, another friend of mine came back to me and told me this:

And guess what, my friend’s grandma is a Peranakan.

This is surprise number #2 and the best one yet.

Which made me realized something precious.

Ah Kim Achar is not just the freshest and richest in flavour because she sends it within the day (if not the next) when she makes it.

It is the perfected secret recipe that makes Ah Kim Achar the real taste of home.

With such tremendous love overflowing for my mum’s Achar over the years till date…

It got me thinking hard.

Since my mum has stopped working and has lots of free time at home now...

Since my mum loves making Achar…

Since her perfected secret recipe Achar has been proven to be loved by many...

The perfect thing to do was to set up Ah Kim Achar for her.

And this was something I promised her a couple of years ago,

To bring her Achar to the online arena - and when is a better time than right now? So not only she’s kept busy…

But busy with things that she puts her heart and soul into doing - Achar ❤️

With Ah Kim Achar, she can spread her love to all Achar lovers nationwide.

While keeping her mind sane and occupied... Ultimately, leaving her legacy.

Hence this is why Ah Kim Achar means the world to both me and mum.

It is the effort of a daughter (myself) to help my mum stay in the pink of health.

Really, this is not just any ordinary Achar.

But the perfect and original Ah Kim Achar, made with love since 1965.

Now you finally know, why Achar.

Why not anything else… that may be more widely loved to others.

Because Achar is what Ah Kim does best. 

And all she needs is the support of Achar lovers in Singapore.

Because it shows that you have faith in her perfected secret recipe, and you’re an Achar lover.

To all Achar Lovers, I hope that this story has brought us closer to one another.

And that you’ll let Ah Kim touch your heart with her original, perfect Achar.