How long can I store the Achar?

Our Achar is made fresh during the time of order. We recommend consuming it within 10 Days upon receiving it, for maximum freshness.

Some customers love to have it fresh while the ingredients are still crunchy.

Others love to keep it for a longer period so that the ingredients will become softer and stronger in taste.

However, with our Achar weighing at 400g per bottle, it is usually consumed by our lovely customers within a few days to a week.

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Must I keep the Achar refrigerated upon receiving it?

Yes, to maintain the freshness of the product. 

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What are the ingredients?

Ah Kim Achar consists of the freshest cucumber, turnip, carrot, peanuts, and of course the main star, pineapple. Blended with well-portioned vinegar, chilli paste, salt, turmeric powder and a sugar mixture. 

And completed with a final touch of sesame seeds and grounded peanuts.

This appetizing homemade achar blends sweet, sour with a tinge of spicy taste for a truly complex dish. 

*Green mangoes are used instead of pineapples in the Green Mango Extra Spicy Flavour Achar*

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Is it vegetarian-friendly?


However, in Singapore’s context, some vegetarians do NOT take garlic and onions.

As our chilli paste contains these 2 ingredients, please kindly take note if you do not consume them.

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How do we deliver?

We will deliver Ah Kim Achar to your doorstep depending on the delivery date frame you choose.

If you have chosen Standard Delivery, it will be delivered within the date frame from the slot that you chose.

Orders above $60 will be free delivery and it will be delivered within the date frame you chose as well. 

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Is there FREE delivery?

Yes! We deliver for free for orders above $60.

For orders below $60, there will be delivery fee of $8 (Standard) effective from Feb 2024. We seek your kind understanding on this.

Note : For special requests, eg Urgent delivery or special Date for delivery not scheduled, there would be an additional delivery charge of $20.